Uganda is generally semi arid and has experienced severe decline in water sources over the past few decades. This has been worsened by frequent and prolonged droughts resulting from climate change. Clean water sources are now inadequate as many spring wells continue to dry up. However, the human population continues to increase thus making available clean water insufficient for the community. Human beings end up sharing spring wells with cattle and other animals thus increasing contamination of water. This has resulted to increased incidence of waterborne diseases (typhoid, diarrhea, cough, skin rushes ……) and death.

However, partnership between PAG and Emergency Relief and Development Overseas through its “LIFE JUST ADD WATER” initiative has brought a ray of hope to the thirsty communities in Uganda. This project aims at increasing access to clean water in the communities by drilling bore wells. The activities include series of community meetings to mobilize local resources, strengthening the grass root project governance structure, identifying the location of the water source, and community participation in the actual drilling by providing local resources/labor. Regular meetings of the beneficiary community are conducted to address issues that emerge as they use and maintain the water source. It is during these community meetings that PAG staff conduct community education on hygiene and sanitation. The learning covers a wide range of topics on personal and household hygiene and sanitation.  This involve general awareness creation, helping communities understand the hazards associated with poor hygiene and sanitation, and how to maintain good personal and household hygiene.

Project Goals: 

  1. To increase access to safe water in the community so as to reduce incidence of waterborne diseases especially among mothers, children, people living with HIV and AIDS.
  2. Provide community based water and sanitation education to increase awareness of sources of water contamination in the utilization chain

Beneficiary Description: 

The water sources are made available to all people in the target communities.  PAG targets communities, households, and individuals irrespective of their religious, political and other affiliations. Consultations with the Local Government authority helps in identifying the communities recommended for water project. All PAG projects target beneficiaries with the greatest need for the service and goods provided

Selection of Beneficiaries:

Selection of the target region, district, and community is done by PAG staff based on previous studies conducted country wide on access to water sources. The target communities are worst affected by water scarcity in the country. PAG technical team considers availability of grass root structures to help in implementation of this project.

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