PAG has made significant achievement in guiding youth to make the right choices and engage in socio-economic transformation…….. This effort is driven by the great need to address the issue of unemployment of youth. According to the Africa Development Indicators, unemployed young people, between the ages of 15 to 24, were recorded at 83% in Uganda. The report further states that Uganda’s population also has the highest dependency ratio in Africa- registered at 1:1. (Dependency ratio is the ratio of people younger than 15 or older than 64 to the working population).

PAG has access to millions of youth in Uganda who are faithful members in the 5000 PAG churches. Several youth groups have been formed and equipped with

life and entrepreneurial skills. The enthusiastic youth have set up several development initiatives. The development initiatives have multi-faceted design. The main focus is to empower youth to engage on local and sustainable solutions to their unemployment. The PAG SDS technical team provides capacity building to youth in a range of subjects including: Small and Micro Enterprise development; Business plan development and management; basic accounting and financial management; Village Savings and Loans Associations; Farming as a business with a focus on high value crop and animal production; Value Chain Addition; Marketing; Climate Change adaptation, disaster risk reduction and management (DRR and DRM). The Behavior Change Clubs encourage youth to stay healthy and motivated to work.

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